Health Committee


Name of Teacher Designation Qualification Experience in committee
Prof. Patil. S.S Head M.Sc. NET 2 years
Prof. Bawaskar. R.M Members M.Sc 1 year
Shri. Bhagawat.P.B Peon 12th 1 Year

Health Centre is a student centric facility made available by the college to provide health related services to students, to organise various health related activates and to create awareness regarding health related issues. The management of Health Centre is carried out by Health Committee.

Programmes Organised by Health Committee in 2015-16

  1. Blood group identification of F.Y.B.Sc students
  2. Haemoglobin Check up
  3. Body Mass Index ( BMI), Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body Fat Percentage (BF%) camp.
  4. Guest lecture of  Dr. Manisha Hange


Services Provided by the Health Centre

  1. Regular Blood Pressure check up to student and Faculty members.
  2. First Aid Box
  3. Ambulance facility
  4. Clinical facility with regular visit of Doctors.
  5. Free health check ups of F.Y.Bsc students.
  6. Guest lectures of eminent doctors.
  7. Medicines for Primary treatment.