Principal’s Desk

Hon. Shri Dadapatil Rajale Shikshan Sanstha’s Dadapatil Rajale Arts and Science College was established in 1991 by Hon. Late Shri. Dadapatil Rajale who himself was literate up to 4th standard only. The college is located in a rural area. Majority of population of the region works as sugarcane cutters and remains outskirts for their livelihood. The students admitted in the college belong to socially and economically backward classes. They would have been deprived of the higher education without the existence of this college. Students with the average scores in the qualifying examinations are allowed admissions and brought into the mainstream of higher education. The college has completed the tenure of 24 years and during these years witnessed several ups and downs. At the beginning the college lacked the infrastructure and other academic facilities. There was no source for funding. Despite all adverse conditions, the Management made all the efforts to provide good infrastructure and other facilities with the available resources. The funding of UGC is a good source for infrastructure and academic development. The college has also taken efforts to achieve academic excellence through the quality enhancement. Number of teachers has obtained Ph. D, M. Phil degrees and qualified NET/SET examination. They have also undertaken Major and Minor Research Projects. The students are also motivated to undertake research activities. Out of the 1328 students 40% are female students. The college gives topmost priority to the education and safety of the female students. As a result of that number of female students seeks admissions to our college.

The College campus is surrounded with the greenery. The students and the staff have taken efforts to keep the campus green and pollution free. Essential facilities such as spacious library with ample books, Gymnasium, Ladies hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab. English Language Lab, Competitive Examination Centre, INTERNET, UPS and Generator for uninterrupted power supply and all other essential facilities are provided to the students and the staff. One of our assets is discipline and fear free atmosphere. We make efforts to inculcate the moral values among the students. This has resulted in maintaining the healthy atmosphere in the campus. Students are motivated to take initiatives and participate in various events. Along with the conventional methods of Teaching learning, the ICT based teaching learning is also promoted. The students and teachers are given various incentives for their achievements. The college has made satisfactory progress but yet there is a lot of scope for the development. The President of the Institute, Mr. Rajeev Rajale and Vice President, Mr. Appasaheb Rajale and the Secretary Mr. J. R. Pawar are themselves well educated and have certain vision for the overall progress of the college. It is worth mentioning that the Management authorities are available all the time for any kind of academic discussion and decisions.

The college has gone through the Assessment from NAAC in 2003 and obtained B grade. We wish to undergo the assessment and reaccreditation for the second cycle. I am grateful to the Management, NAAC Co-Ordinator, Staff and the students for their moral support and dedicated work towards the quality enhancement. I think that the Reaccreditation is an opportunity to all of us to show our commitments for the excellence in the field of education. I thank all who are associated with this effort.